Truck Sliders

Truck Sliders

You can trust the performance of Carlite truck SLIDER glass:

  • Engineered to exacting standards to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The ONLY authorized truck slider for Ford-Lincoln-Mercury.
  • Available through local, independent wholesalers.
  • Backed by more than 80 years of auto glass leadership.
  • The professional quality your customers deserve.
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Carlite Sliders deliver benefits that the knock-offs can’t touch:

Superior fit and finish

  • Made by OE manufacturers to OE specs.
  • Offered in OE colors including solar green tint; never a color mismatch.
  • Smooth, seamless encapsulation; no visible seams or sharp edges.
  • Far better than aftermarket offerings for size, shape, appearance, durability and leak resistance.

Safety and security

  • Tested in Ford vehicles for crashworthiness.
  • OE-designed latches are more robust and last longer than aftermarket latches.
  • Deter theft with a latch that locks tight every time and never provides an easy access point.

Correct installation

  • Minimize “come backs” with a part that’s installed right the first time.
  • Installed the same as the original part; no drilling into the pinch weld is ever required.
  • Feature replaceable center sliders in case of breakage or damage; difficult to impossible with aftermarket units.

No leaks or wind noise

  • Encapsulation means the slider frame conforms to the pinchweld contours, locking out water and wind noise.
  • Double-lipped seals all around provide sealing against water leaks.
  • Carlite recommends use of foam core butyl tape to reduce frame stress and provide a better seal than aftermarket alternatives.

Click here for details on Carlite slider glass applications

When it comes to Ford Sliders – Your first choice should always be Carlite.