Chances are it’s happened to you – an errant object cracks your windshield.


Shopping for auto glass happens by necessity. When it’s time to replace your broken car window or windshield, you need to know how to get the best value for your dollar, especially because your automotive glass decision can impact your vehicle’s performance.

But why Carlite?

Not all glass is created or performs equally. The decision about what kind of automotive replacement glass is installed in your car is yours.

Carlite is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). OEM windshields fit best and, when installed properly, help maintain the performance and structural integrity of your vehicle. Carlite replacement glass meets automaker requirements for size, shape, thickness, strength and visual clarity for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicle glass.

When replacing your windshield, remember these key points:

  • Your windshield is a key structural element of your car.
  • OEM windshields exceed or meet all federal safety standards.
  • OEM windshields maintain high optical quality – not necessarily true for other windshields.
  • Carlite windshields have a UV protection equivalent to SPF 157. Other brands of windshields may not provide the same level of UV light protection.

Be sure to protect yourself, and all those who ride with you, by insisting on Carlite replacement windshields. It’s your decision. Demand the best. Demand Carlite.

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